Invoice Software For Your Small Business

Ezy Invoice BoxshotEzy Invoice is a feature rich invoice software tool for the small business & medium sized business or company. It is not just an Invoice software or billing software. It is an Invoicing, Accounts Receivable (AR) and an Inventory program all rolled into one. Whether you sell retail products, wholesale supplies, professional services, or any type of business, virtually any small business & medium sized company can use Ezy Invoice.

Download Ezy Invoice

  • Requires either : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 bit or 64bit) / Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
  • The free version has no expiry but has limits on the number of customers and products you can input. It is suitable for very small businesses or for you to get started on the product.

Secure more clients/ customers by giving your business a professional look with highly customizable Quotations, Invoices, Credit/ Debit Memo( or Notes), Delivery Order, Packing List, Performa Invoices, Purchase Order, Customer Statements. All documents can be printed or E-mail as a PDF attachment.

Who Is It For

If you are a tradesperson, professional consultant, desktop publisher, bookkeeper, automotive or engineering workshop, contractor or you provide any kind of services, Ezy Invoice will be your ideal business partner keeping you always on top of your paperwork. Not buried in it.

Perhaps you are a trading firm, maintaining an Inventory. You may be selling just 5 line items or thousands of items. Maybe you maintain different price levels for different customers. You want to know in an instant how much your customer bought certain items, when and under which invoice number. You want to know how much stock you have on hand. Ezy Invoice is the Invoice Software / Inventory Software of choice for you.

Flexible Tax Setup

Ezy Invoice supports Sales Tax , GST , GST, PST/ HST and VAT of many countries. Or you can simply define your own tax types and rates. Some countries impose tax on certain items while certain essential items are tax exempt or taxed at different rates.

You may need to “tax exempt” export sales. In some countries you need to quote “tax inclusive” while others quote all items before tax and display the tax amount and total after tax at the bottom of the invoice.

You can have multiple tax types within an Invoice. If you are registered to bill & collect tax on behalf of the state or federal government, you can print detailed tax reports that you can use for your periodic reporting to your tax authority.

Fully Customizable Invoices & Documents

Whether you use blank paper or pre-printed letter heads, you can insert a logo, add or remove your address block according to your needs. If you already printed thousands of pre-printed Invoice forms on carbonized paper, you can position all fields to fit into your pre-printed form and remove those labels that are already pre-printed on your form. Supports multiple layouts per document type. You can have one layout for emailed invoices and another for printed documents that require a signature.

Ezy Invoice supports most paper sizes. You can insert special terms & conditions to be printed on all your invoices or documents. Don’t want to bother with the layout designer, than just use the standard templates.

Powerful, Customizable Reporting

Gain instant access to your Sales Reports by Invoice number or by customer. View reports for 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or any period you need. View Sales/ Debtors for just 1 customer or all customers. You may need to identify sales trends throughout the year, to compare monthly performance or track the growth of your business. The Sales Analysis Chart presents your data in a graphical bar chart format for easy analysis.

Get a firm grip on your outstanding debts. Our Detailed Ageing Report will give you a list of all outstanding Invoices, Credit/ Debit Memo. It indicates how old the debt is and displays customers telephone number if you need to give them a quick courtesy call. At any time, you can send statements with a gentle reminder to customers having debts of less than 30 days overdue while at the same time send a firm message to customers with debts of more than 90 days overdue. You can send customer statements to all customers with balances or pick and choose who you want to send statements to.

Multiple User Ready With User Restrictions

Ezy Invoice will grow with you. Maybe you are the only one using it now but a few months down the road may have several staff helping you, rest assured that you have an upgrade path and don’t have to start over. Once you have several users accessing your data, you will want to know who in your team created an invoice and when, who last edited it and when. You may want to allow some users to add & edit Invoices but not delete them. Simply purchase additional licenses as and when needed and set the permissions for these new users.

If you run a small business or medium sized company, you probably already don’t have enough hours in the work day. Your time is precious hence you cannot afford to be without Ezy Invoice. Don’t be buried in paperwork, get on top of it now. Free up your time and energy to focus on increasing sales and expanding your operation. Spend more quality time with family.

Your business will have a more professional look when your paperwork looks professional and you have access to all figures, charts & statistics relating to your business at your fingertips. Stay organized, get Ezy Invoice now. It will pay for itself many times over by the end of the first month.