Can I enable additional fields & columns to use in the Invoice template ?

Applies to Ezy Invoice 13 only

To enable the optional fields and columns in the invoices and documents :

– At the main screen, click the [Documents] button on the main tool bar. Check that “Invoice” is selected. (If you want to customize other document, you must select that document type first). Then click the [Search] button. If there are documents of this type in the list, the [Options & Layout] button will be enabled.

– Click the [Options & Layout] button, then click “Header” page.

– Here you enable the HMemo1 & HMemo2 field. Note that you can also enable optional fields in the Footer page. See below


– You can also enable and disable columns in invoices and documents by clicking on the Body page. Double click the “Enable” field to enable or disable a column. You can also set a display name here for these fields. See below :


– Click [OK] to apply the changes. Optional fields from the Header & Footer page will be editable in the “More” page of the invoice form. TextField1, TextField2, TextField3 enabled in the body age will be displayed in the main page of the invoice.

– These fields will not be automatically displayed in your invoice preview and print out. To display these fields in the invoice printout or email, you must customize the invoice design template and add these fields to your page design in the header or footer bands.