Can I Run Ezy Invoice on an Apple Mac ?

Ezy Invoice is compiled to run on the Windows operating system. You cannot install Ezy Invoice Invoice directly on your Mac book however there are ways you can access it or use it from your Mac

1. You can run Ezy Invoice and your other Windows programs on the Mac by first setting up a Virtual Windows environment on your Apple Mac. There are 2 well known products that can help you organize this very well :

a. Parallels Desktop

b. VMware Fusion

2. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a Windows Cloud Remote Desktop Server. Then install Ezy Invoice and your database on this cloud server and access Ezy Invoice from your Mac, Ipad or Android tablet. With this method, you don’t need to install Windows on your Mac. You can access all your windows programs from any mobile device but you incur a monthly subscription.

There are many service providers what you can search on-line. One such service provider is Infinitely Virtual

3. Finally, if you already have a Windows Computer, you can install Ezy Invoice on this computer and access this computer from your Apple Mac via remote desktop. See “Access Ezy Invoice From Your Ipad, Android or Mac