Can I use a bar code scanner with Ezy Invoice 13 ?

Applies to Ezy Invoice 13 only

If you have a USB barcode scanner and your items are tagged with a bar code or you have an item list printed with bar codes, you can set up Ezy Invoice 13 to fill up your Invoices and Quotes by scanning your items similar to a POS retail system (Point Of Sales)

To enable the bar code scanning feature :

– At the main screen, click the [Documents] button on on the main toolbar then click [Search] to display your invoice list. This will enable the [Options & Layouts] button

– Click, [Options & Layouts] | “Body” Page

– Under Barcode Scanning, ensure that “Enable Barcode Scanning …” is checked.

– Click [OK] and go back to your invoice. A new ProductID edit box will be displayed in your invoice form.

– Press [F7] to put your cursor in this Edit box. You are now ready to scan your items with your barcode scanner to fill in your invoice or document. If the item exist in the inventory, Ezy Invoice will add it in. If you scan the same item again, Ezy Invoice will increase the quantity in the invoice rather than add the same item to a new row.

– If you do not have a barcode scanner but you know the item ProductID’s, you can type in the ProductID and hit [Enter]. Ezy Invoice will insert the item in the invoice like you have scanned it in.