• Runs on : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 bit or 64bit) / Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
  • Multi-company system allowing you to create and open more than one company with a single software license.
  • Can be used by a single user in a standalone environment or multi-user networked environment with several users working concurrently. (additional licenses required for more users).
  • Maintains Sales, Receipt, Debtor, Customer, Vendor, Salesperson & Job/ Project database.
    Create & manage Quotation, Invoices, Credit/ Debit Memo (Notes), Delivery Order, Packing List, Proforma Invoice & Purchase Orders.
  • Import existing customer, vendor and inventory list from MS Excel, comma/ tab delimited text files and other formats.
  • Export customer, vendor and inventory list from Ezy Invoice to a text CSV or tab delimited text file.
    Maintain inventory list, track stock movement and stock on hand.
  • Instant access to Customer / Inventory history
  • All documents layout are highly customizable with drag and drop functionality. You can customize the columns and column headers or show various field and position them according to your needs.
  • Display business/ company logo in documents and reports.
  • Support multiple layouts per invoice or document type. For example you can setup one layout for email where the signature is embedded as an image and another layout for printing on pre-printed forms where you need to hide the images, logo, labels and sign it after printing.
  • Supports most paper sizes in portrait or landscape orientation. Use blank paper, company letterhead or pre-printed forms.
  • Powerful search and filter functions for fast searching and locating records. Can search on virtually all key fields in the database.
  • Track debtors (outstanding invoices) and customer payments. Accepts payment of multiple invoices and partial payments.
  • Instant reports on sales (by customer, by account, by Invoice number, by job, by salesperson). Sales summary of Accounts (for accountants)
  • Instant Monthly / Yearly Sales 3D Bar Chart presentation.
  • Instant reports on receipts (by customer, by account). Receipt Summary of Account (for accountants).
  • Instant reports on debtors (outstanding invoices, credit/ debit memos), detailed & summary ageing , customer statements. Email customer statement of accounts to all customers with balances or to selected customers only.
  • Send Receipts Vouchers or Official Receipts to customers who have paid you.
  • All reports are highly customizable. You can customize and save all report layouts or create new reports as needed.
  • Included Purchase Order function. You can track creditors and payments to vendors.
  • Instant detailed & summary tax reports, document listing etc.
  • Able to define Jobs or Projects. Assign all Invoices to a Job and assign all Purchases Orders to a Job. Able to view reports on Job Profit/ Loss (Job Costing). View completed jobs, in-progress jobs or both.
    Print Official Receipts.
  • Documents & reports can be previewed on screen, printed or E-mailed as a PDF attachment or exported to other formats. (no additional PDF drivers required).
  • Keep track who created a record & when. Also track who last edited it & when.
  • Powerful database security allowing you to specify who has permission to add, edit or delete records .
  • Powerful report permissions allowing you to specify who can preview reports, save or e-mail reports.
  • Maintain a To-do list that can be used in a standalone environment or shared in a network environment.
  • Inbuilt Backup up and Restore facility using zip compression facility.
  • Can be networked using Windows File Sharing (work-group) or optionally Client/ Server . Client/ Server version can connect to the database server over a wide area network like the Internet or and offers improved performance and robustness for larger networks, databases and multiple concurrent users.