How can I customize the invoice or quotation print or email output template ?

Applies to Ezy Invoice 13 only

All invoices and documents printout can be customized as follows :

– At the main screen, click the [Documents] button on the main tool bar. Check that “Invoice” is selected. (If you want to customize other document, you must select that document type first). Then click the [Search] button. If there are documents of this type in the list, the [Options & Layout] button will be enabled.

– Click the [Options & Layout] button, then click “Layouts/ Design” page.

– Ensure that “Layout Type” is set to “Custom (Advance)”

– Click the [Design] button to open the template designer for your selected document type.

– To have more than one template, simply click the [Add New] button. Be sure to name your template so you will know which is which when you need to print or email the document.