How can I print envelopes for my invoices ?

You can print envelopes addressed to customers (for invoices) or envelopes addressed to vendors (for Purchase) orders simply adding a new custom document template for envelopes. Then customize the template to suit your envelope size and printer.

  • We have done a sample envelope template.  Download this envelope template here. (right click and choose “Save Link As”)
  • At the invoice list, click the [Options & layouts] button. Then click on the “Layouts & Design” page as shown below. Ensure

Options & Layouts Form

  • Next, click on the [Add New] button to add a new template or layout. Change it is name to something like “Envelope” or “Envelope 9×4” etc.

  • Then click on the [Import] button and import the fr3 template file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on the [Design] button to bring up the template designer. In the template designer, tight click anywhere on the page margins and select “Edit”. Here you can select your envelope size and adjust text positioning, font formats etc as needed. After making your changes, be sure to click the [Save] icon which is the 3rd icon on the main toolbar

  • At the time you print the invoice, you can choose to print it as a standard invoice or just the envelope.