How do I backup the Ezy Invoice program and my database ?

Because of the threat of hard disk failure and computer viruses, you need to perform regular backups to minimise data loss and interruption to your work. Backing up is simple. There are 3 things that you need to backup so you can recover on your own should the need ever arise.

1. Backing Up The Program

The latest program can be downloaded from our website any time. However if you want, you can make a copy of it on a CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive :

– Go to our download page here.

– Download the setup file (ezyinvoice13.exe) . Copy this file that you downloaded onto a USB flash drive, external drive or burn it to a CD or DVD .

2. Backing Up The License Key

When you ordered the product, you would have received a license key. You will need the license key every time you install on a new computer.

– Start MS Notepad

–  Copy the contents of your order confirmation and license key to MS Notepad

– Save this file as say : “RegistrationInfo.txt”.

– Burn this file together onto the same CD or DVD with the Ezy Invoice file done above done earlier.

– Step 1 and 2 above will allow you to install the registered program on another computer or a reformatted computer.

3. Backing Up Your Database

You need to perform regular backups of your database. It is IMPORTANT that you backup your database to another medium (external drive, cloud drive, dropbox, google drive etc) other than your hard disk. In the event that your hard disk is faulty or attacked by computer viruses, if you only have the one backup on the hard disk, your backup will be gone with it.

A good and cheap option is to buy a USB memory stick or flash drive. This device plugs in to your PC’s USB port and functions like another drive. You can also use an external portable hard drive. Or if you have a NAS (Network Access Storage) or share network drive on another computer you can use that. Alternatively if you have a cloud drive, you can backup to that drive and this will ensure you will have a backup on your cloud drive off site.

– Start Ezy Invoice and click the menu option : Database | Backup.

– If you are using a USB flash drive, specify a “backup to” path to point to this drive or your external portable hard drive. Or point it to a folder in your NAS, shared network folder or cloud drive .