How do I enter opening stock ?

You need to enter your opening stock from the Stock Receipt form. Ezy Invoice tracks all stock movement so even your opening stock needs to be entered in here as follows :

1. If you have not already done so, import your stock list using the menu option Database | Import/ Export | Import Wizard. This gets your stock list in but leaves the stock on hand as zero.

2. Next click on the [Document] button on the main tool bar. Then change your document type from “Invoice” to “Stock Receipt”

3. Now click the [ Add ] button to create a new stock receipt. Here you can enter you opening stock. Under the Description, key-In ” Opening Stock”. Under vendor, you can either key in the vendor name or define a new vendor as “Opening Stock” and assign all the new stock to this vendor.

4. You can enter several items in one transaction. Hence enter them in batches rather than one transaction per item.