How Do I Format My Invoice Currency Values To The New Indian Rs Symbol ?

The standard fonts like Arial, Tahoma or Verdana does not yet support the new Indian Rupee symbol. So you need to download an install a font that support it.

1. You can download and install the Rupee_Foradian font here

2. Finally in Ezy Invoice (or Instant Invoice 10), you need to go to the invoice layouts where you want to use this symbol. In the designer, select the text object you want to format. At the font tool bar, select the “Rupee Foradian” font to apply this font on the item.

3. Double click the text object. Insert your cursor just before the expressions and hit the [~] key (just above the Tab key). In the “Rupee Foradian” font, the new Rupee symbol is mapped to the [~] key

This text object will now be formatted with the new Indian Rupee symbol. Repeat for all objects on your layout that you want to format.

Note : If you send a PDF copy of the invoice or document with this font to another computer that does not have this font installed, the Rupee symbol may not display correctly on the target computer.