How do I set-up Ezy Invoice in a multi-user network environment ?

You can set-up Ezy Invoice to work in a multi-user network environment. When installed correctly, updates to the database done by one user will be available to all other users sitting on their own computers. When more than one user attempts to create a new invoice, the first user will get invoice no# 1001, 2nd user will get 1002 and so on.


First you need to have either Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10 on the computers where you intend to use Ezy Invoice. If you have a Windows Server (2003, 2008 or 2012), you can host the data files on the server or you can also host the data files on one of the workstations if you do not have a dedicated Windows Server. They must be hooked up to a LAN (Local Area Network). I.e. connected with a Router or Hub either by Ethernet cable or WIFI.


1. Decide which computer or server is going to host or store your database files. This computer will have to be on while other computers are connected to it.

2. If you don’t have a shared folder on this computer. You must create a shared folder or turn on sharing of public folders. Test your sharing by sitting at the other computers, start Windows Explorer and browse the network to see if you can find the host computer and public or shared folder.

3. Sitting on the computer that will host the database again, download and install the Ezy Invoice on this computer.

4. Using the menu option Database | New, create a new database in a shared network folder such that each Windows user will have read and write permissions to the folder. By default Ezy Invoice attempts to create the database in the public folder so if you have turned on sharing on this folder, that will do fine.

5. Once at a time, install Ezy Invoice on the other computers. Install the program to the local hard disk (e.g C: drive). At the open database form, click the [Add] button and add a new connection to the database folder on the host or server computer over the network. At the “Path To Data” option, you will need to click the […] button and browse over the network to locate your shared folder on the host computer.

6. If you click the menu option Go To | User Accounts, you can add user accounts and restrict their permissions when necessary.

Basically that’s it. When you purchase Ezy Invoice, you need to purchase quantity 2 licenses or more. With the multi-user license, “user permissions” is enabled. This means that each user has to open the database with their own account (username/ password). Ezy Invoice refreshes the screens (show updates by other network users) automatically at certain points. If you would like to see the updates done by other users immediately, simply click the [Refresh] button on the form you are working on.

For detailed documentation if needed, click the Help button on the Ezy Invoice tool bar. At the help documentation, browse to Database Operations | Creating a new database | Creating a new database | 2. Creating a New Database for A Multi-User, Workgroup Environment .