How Do I set up Ezy Invoice to send my invoices and documents through Email ?

To send emails you will need an SMTP Server. This is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will need to search their support website or contact them to obtain information like :

SMTP Server Address : Example or
SMTP Port : Example 25, 587 or 465 etc
SMTP Authentication : If you need to enter a username/password
SMTP TLS/SSL : If TLS or SSL connection is required

If your ISP does not provide you with an SMTP server or if you have problem configuring Ezy Invoice to work with your ISP server, you can also sign up for a service like smtp2go.

Once you have this information, you need to configure this in Ezy Invoice 13.

– Click the menu option Go To | Company Info/ Options | Email page. Ensure that “ISP Email or SMTP Server” is selected

– Click the [Add Email Server] button.

– If you are using your ISP’s Mail server, simply select “Custom or Manual Entry” then click [Next]. If you have an SMTP2Go account, you can select them accordingly.

– In the Server Connection Settings page, enter your server connection information. This display name can be a friendly name for you to recognize the server. It is not essential for you to make a connection.

– Enter your Server Address, Port and whether your require TLS or not. You must enter all this exactly as provided by your service provider or you will not be able to connect. Click [Next]

– If your server does not require authentication, leave it as “None”. If your server requires authentication, you must change this to one of the options. If unsure, use “Autoselect”. Enter your username/password as given by your service provider

– Next click the [Send Text Email] button to test if you email is working fine. Use your own Email address to send the test. After sending, wait a few seconds and check your inbox to see if the email has come in.