How Do I Upgrade My Older Ezy Invoice 10, 7 or 3000 Database to the Latest version Ezy Invoice 13 ?

Using the method below, you can safely have both versions running and working on the same computer.

1. Start your current version of Ezy Invoice 10, 7 or 3000 and backup the database with the menu option Database | Backup

2. Click the menu option Database | Optimization/ Repair | Pack/ Repair. Select your database and click the [Repair] button to repair and pack the database

3. Download and install Ezy Invoice 13 from the link here

4. Start Ezy Invoice 13 and click the menu option Database | Upgrade/ Import. A wizard will start that will guide you through the upgrade process.

Note : Using the method above, you will have 2 databases, one for V13 and the other for your older version. When your ready to use V13 for production, you can simply un-install the older version from the Windows Control panel.

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