How to display a foreign currency amount in my invoices ?

– At the main screen, click Go To | Company Info/ Options | Currency page. Here you must define your base currency and all your various trading currencies.

Foreign Currency Setup

– Then at the customer form ([Customers] button on the main toolbar), you must click on the Accounts page and tick “Bill In Foreign Currency” and select the currency.

Ezy Invoice Foreign Currency Customer Setup

– Once you invoice the customer, this will automatically display the foreign currency amount in the invoice. You can change the exchange rate to the current rate for the day.

Ezy Invoice Foreign Currency Setup Invoice Form

– If you are using custom invoice templates, you may need to customize your template to display the rate that you are using for the invoice and the foreign currency amount.

Ezy Invoice Foreign Currency Setup Invoice Preview

– If the foreign currency is not displaying properly at your side, try setting the Layouts and Design to “Standard (Basic)”. If you must use Custom design, then you must check that you have inserted the relevant foreign currency fields to your design.