How to set up and access Ezy Invoice over the Internet ?

You can setup Ezy Invoice 13 and open your database over the Internet from home or while travelling. You can have multiple users opening the database concurrently over the Internet. Ezy Invoice is highly optimized to give you very fast performance even while you are opening your database over the Internet in another location

System Requirements

1. You will need to use Ezy Invoice 13 Client/Server (C/S) version. You need one license for each user needing to work on Ezy Invoice.

2. You need to have a Windows Computer that is accessible from the Internet. This computer will be set up as your database server. You can set this up in 2 ways :

2a. Subscribe to a Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) from a service provider. One such service Provider is Infinitely Virtual. This is the easiest way to set this up. At the time of signing up, request for them to open ports 12005 and 12006. These are the ports used by the database server.

2b. If you want to host the server in your own premisses, you must have a Windows server or computer with a fixed public facing IP address. You will need to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for this. Some ISP’s will provide this free as part of your package, others may provide you with a fixed IP address for a small monthly fee. Once you have a fixed IP address, you must configure your router for “port forwarding”. Ports 12005 and 12006 must be forwarded to your database server computer. You will also need to open ports 12005 and 12006 on your router firewall. If you are not sure how to do this, best to engage an IT tech to set this up or subscribe to a VPS as in #2a above.

Installation Procedure

The installation of Ezy Invoice for access over the Internet is the same as if you were setting up the C/S version in your own office. The only difference is you will setup your database server on your public facing Windows Server or your Virtual Private Server (VPS). Users from the Internet will connect to your database server through your public IP address rather than your internal IP address. You can see step by step instructions here

Transferring Your Database

If your database is currently on your local computer, you simply need to zip it up, copy and paste it to your VPS or Cloud Server. Unzip it on your cloud server and set it up on your database server

Virtual Private Server

You will need to have a Virtual Private Server ready before we can start. You can get this from your preferred service provider. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend :

1. Infinitely Virtual – Recommend for basic or non technical users. Their Silver Plan for 1 user is good enough for up to 5 Ezy Invoice users working concurrently. At the time you sign up, you need to request that they open ports 12005 and 12006 on your VPS.

2. Amazon EC2  .