How to set up Ezy Invoice to send invoices by email ?

Ezy Invoice allows you to send your invoices and documents as a PDF email attachment directly from within the Ezy Invoice program. To do this, you will need to have a SMTP or Outgoing Email server from a service provider. Most Internet Service Providers will provide you with an outgoing server (or smtp server) you can use. Also if you host your business website with a hosting provider, they may also provide you with an outgoing email server. You will need to contact them or search their site for their email server settings. You can go to their website support pages or FAQ and search for terms like “Outgoing Email Server” or “smtp server settings”. Or you can try 3rd party service providers like Smtp2go.

Ezy Invoice allow you to define multiple SMTP mail servers. You can set one email server as the default and switch to another mail servers if necessary at the time you send the Emails. This may be useful if you are not connected through your usual Internet Service provider and need to send emails from different locations.

The procedure to setup your Email server is as follows :

– Click the menu option Go To | Company Info/ Options | Email page. You will see a scree below :

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 01


– With ISP selected, click [Add Email Server]. You will see the screen below :

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 02


– With “Custom or Manual Entry” selected, click [Next >>]. You will see a screen as shown below :

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 03


– Fill in the fields with the information provided by your ISP, web host or email server provider. In this example, my Internet Service Provider is “Dodo” and this is the settings that they provided me :

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 04

The “Display name” is only a friendly name for you to identity your server. It is not crucial for your email to work. However all other highlighted fields must be entered exactly as provided by your service provider for it to work.

NOTE : The settings in the screen shot above may not work for you unless you are using Dodo as your service provider. You must get your settings from your service provider.

– Click [Next >>]

The next screen is your Authentication screen. Some Internet Service Providers will not require an authentication if you are connected to their Internet connection at the time you send the email. If they do not need authentication, select “None”

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 05
Most web-hosts and 3rd party email providers will need an authentication. If you are unsure which authentication to use,select “Auto-select”. Then enter your username/password provided by your service provider. When using service providers other than your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may need to use a port other than “25”.

– Finally , click the [Send Test Email] button to send a test email to yourself to test your settings.  Enter you own email addresses in both the From and To email addresses. You should get a screen shot like something below to show success :

Ezy Invoice Email Setup 06

–  Finally, the last part is to check your email inbox to confirm that you have received the email.