I use an older version of Ezy Invoice. What’s new in Ezy Invoice 13 ?

Ezy Invoice 13 is a major upgrade of our earlier versions Ezy Invoice 10, 7 and Ezy Invoice 3000. This new version is able to easily open and upgrade the earlier V7 and V3000 database. Below is a list of whats new in Ezy Invoice 13 when compared to our earlier product Ezy Invoice 10.

  • Much faster network performance for multi-users on large databases.
  • Client/ Server version is now available for much faster and robust performance. Able to connect over a wide area network like over the Internet so you can access your data while travelling or at home. (To connect from outside your private or local network, you will a public facing fixed IP address from your Internet Service provider. Some firewall ports on your router must be open and configured. Or you can subscribe to a Virtual Private Server from a hosting provider)
  • Simpler interface, less clutter, less mouse clicks to access most common tasks. Easier for new staff to get up to speed.
  • Simpler user permissions and security
  • Able to selectively send bulk email of customer statement to customers with balances.
  • Able to easily search and email Receipt Vouchers for customer payments
  • No limit to how many document layouts or templates you can have for each document type
  • Improved searching of documents
  • Now has a standard layout option for users who don’t want to configure the document designer
  • Email client now able to connect over SSL connection.
  • Option to prepare simple invoices or quotes with foreign currency conversion.
  • Improved data import for text files.