In the column headers, how do I remove the blue background and add horizontal line separators instead ?

1. Change the column header font colour

First you must change the font colour so you can see the text objects when you remove the blue background

– At the template designer, select the first column header on the left

– Click on the “Font Color” button on the main tool-bar. (looks like the letter A with some coloured dots below).

– Change the font colour to black or any other colour other than white so you can see it when you remove the background colour.

2. Removing the blue background

– click on the Background colour button. (looks like a paint bucket with coloured dots below)

– Change it to “No colour” to remove the blue background. No colour is the top, left most item in the colour picker.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all items in the column header.

3. Add the horizontal line separator

– Check that you have space on the column header to insert the top and bottom lines. If not, increase the height of the Column header band and reposition all text object to the vertical middle so you have room for the lines at the top and the bottom.

– On the left vertical tool-bar, click on the [Draw] button (last button at the boom) and select the first item “Line Object”. Next draw your horizontal line from left to right.

– Position it on the Column header as needed

– Repeat for the bottom line.