What is the difference between Instant Invoice n Cashbook and Ezy Invoice

The following are the main differences between Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 and Ezy Invoice 13

DOCUMENTS : Instant Invoice handles Invoices, Quotes/Estimates and recurring invoices only. Ezy Invoice handles Invoices, Quotes/ Estimate, Credit & Debit Notes, Packing List, Proforma Invoices, Delivery Orders and you can create your own custom documents in Ezy Invoice. Documents in both products are highly customizable.

TAX : Both products can handle sales tax, VAT, GST, GST & PST, HST etc for most major countries. However Instant Invoice can only apply tax on the invoice tot​​al only. Ezy Invoice can apply tax on the individual invoice items. Hence if you have items that are taxable and items that are non taxable or taxed at different rates within the same invoice, Ezy Invoice would be a better choice.

INVENTORY : Instant Invoice has a basic product list allowing you to pick items from a product list to fill in your invoices and quotes. It does not track stock movement and stock balance on hand. Ezy Invoice has a more comprehensive inventory allowing you to track stock movement, stock balance on hand and view customers past purchase history for inventory items.

NETWORK READY : Instant Invoice allows multiple users to work together in a local network in real time using Windows File Sharing. Ezy Invoice has an optional Client/Server version that allows users to work together in real time either using Windows File sharing or Client/ Server connections. Client/Server connections are recommended for networks of 4 users or more with heavier volumes.

USER PERMISSIONS : Instant Invoice has basic user permissions where a user can be a “Standard User”, “Supervisor” or “Administrator”. In Ezy Invoice, every user has to login to the database with their own user account. It allows you to customize each users permissions to define what they can and cannot do within the database.

CASHBOOK : Instant invoice includes an optional integrated Cashbook module if you want to do basic bookkeeping yourself but this is not available in Ezy Invoice.

USES : Instant Invoice is a quick and simple product while Ezy Invoice 13 is very feature rich and highly customizable. Ezy Invoice 13 is highly recommended for Retail or Wholesale buying and selling of goods or any company providing a service or professional consulting service.

Instant Invoice n Cashbook 10 is suitable for retail or wholesale buying and selling of goods only when not required to track stock balance on hand. It is also ideal for any company or businesses needing to provide consulting or services.

In some countries, some items are taxable while others are not or taxed at different rates. If you require to have different taxes or taxable and non-taxable item on the same invoice, Ezy Invoice 13 would be a better option.

Let us know if you have any other doubts or questions or if you need more help choosing the right product for your needs.